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We Help you Navigate Conservatorship

What Is Conservatorship?

According to California law, if a person does not create an estate or provide instructions, the courts will appoint someone to take control of your personal care and assets if you are unable to do so yourself. Oftentimes conservatorships are established for impaired adults. Those who are developmentally disabled or victims of a significant illness or accident qualify as well. There are two main types of conservatorships: conservatorships of persons and conservatorships of estates, both of which provide security and a level of care that the conservatee otherwise wouldn't have.

Conservators of Persons

Some of the duties of a conservator of a person are to ensure the conservatee's care and protection; arrange housing; plan for meals; facilitate appropriate health care; provide clothing; maintain personal care; arrange for housekeeping, transportation, shelter, recreation and be responsible for general well-being. The conservator is also responsible for reporting to the court on the conservatee's current status.


Conservators of Estates

A conservator of an estate is responsible for tasks such as these: managing the conservatee's finances, collecting the conservatee's income, providing a sound budget depending on what the conservatee can afford, paying the conservatee's bills, protecting the conservatee's assets and accounting to the court and to the conservatee the status of assets and accounts.

Establishing and Maintaining a Conservatorship

We understand that the issue of conservatorship can be an emotional one, and we treat each case with the utmost concern and consideration. We are able to assist families in the Placerville, California area who are dealing with either the temporary or permanent incapacitation of a loved one by establishing and maintaining these conservatorships, providing a secure way to ensure your loved one gets the care they need, regarding either their person or their estate.