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Planning and Qualifying for Medi-Cal

A Robust yet Intricate Healthcare Service

Medi-Cal is an important part of the California healthcare system, providing Medicaid service to low-income individuals, families, seniors, persons with disabilities, foster children and pregnant women below the poverty level. There are two programs within Medi-Cal, the first of which acts as an insurance benefit for those who qualify. The second aspect is a long-term care entitlement program that can help not only with medical expenses, but costs associated with nursing facilities and hospice care.

Qualifying for Medi-Cal can be a difficult process and inclusion is granted based on strict criteria. In order to be considered for the program, candidates must be within certian financial limits.  However, the benefits afforded by Medi-Cal to seniors below the poverty line can be life-changing. The cost of nursing home care has dramatically increased in recent years, and Medi-Cal is a great option for care for those who qualify.


Making a Plan for Success

The complexity of planning options is an enormous hindrance to qualifying for Medi-Cal, as the criteria dictates very specific financial conditions to be met. Being able to meet these qualifications often requires an elaborate plan and flawless execution to ensure your finances and assets are within the designated parameters. Furthermore, Congress is now considering major changes to Medi-Cal eligibility and benefits, so it is important to understand applicable law rules and regulations as matters evolve.

Navigating this extensive program is complicated, especially when so many important decisions are at play. As with most legal matters, we recommend you seek legal advice while pursuing Medi-Cal qualification in Placerville, California, as our experience and knowledge will help you to be a successful candidate.