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Mining Law

A Unique Perspective on Mining Law

California mining law is a complicated and time-honored code, having roots in the General Mining Law of 1872, which still oversees many contemporary mining operations. Mining law is still undergoing changes and reform, however, and keeping abreast of the advancements is a time-intensive process.

In this day and age, mining lawyers are few and far between. Our office plays a unique role in the mining community, however, as Jean Klotz maintains her status as one of the few remaining California mining law practitioners, and acts as the legal advisor to the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies.

Experience You Can Trust

Establishing and maintaining your mining claim is an enormous part of your mining enterprise. If you have questions regarding mining claims, permits, local and federal taxes, county filing requirements or any other legal issues surrounding mining claims, we are certain that our years of expertise can help you navigate your situation with the most effective advice and guidance.

Mining Law

You wouldn't leave your mining operation in the hands of someone with little to no mining experience. Why would you do the same with the law surrounding your operation? Our offices are uniquely equipped with the knowledge and resources to safeguard your business and keep your mining operation up and running. Call us today in Placerville, Calif. to learn more about how we can offer our services.